Condé Nast

Reimagining the Corporate Site

Over the past century, Condé Nast has evolved from being a primarily print publishing company to a digital content house. In order to reflect this change in their business offering, we created an atypical corporate site that puts a modern, bold spin on their brand to reinforce that Condé Nast is anything but ordinary.

Team  Wondersauce
Role  Designer
Promoting the most current and impactful stories on the homepage is not only a powerful brand moment, but also creates a focused experience for the user.
The continuous use of videos throughout the site shows Condé Nast has expanded their offerings far beyond print.
A flexible modular system allows each brand to uniquely express themselves within their parent company’s site.
To reinforce Condé Nast as a digital brand, glitch animations were sprinkled throughout the site.